Saturday 9/25 VIP points are back with

RED Money

$1,000 all nighter must go.

Saturday and Sunday the kitchen is having a spaghetti special. Ham BBQ sandwich.

Zoom Bingo will take place Monday 9/27/21 at 7PM
$8,200 Payout.
Cards can be purchased at Bishop Canevin
Saturday 3:30 to 6, Sunday 2:30 to 5PM and Monday
5 to 6:30PM.

$5 for a strip of 3 cards. Extra coverall $2 each,

limit 1 per book.
3 free games for $25 in instants at
      4:15 Saturday

3 free games for $25 in instants at
      3:15 Sunday

Cross Fire, Quickie and Bullseye $1 each
We will offer up to 9 lines for $5 with a $75 prize each.
Lines must be full before we start another and player
 must purchase a pack at time to purchase lines.
Prizes for ZOOM can be picked up the following weekend
or anytime after.   Instant Ticket sales are all 3 nights.
Once a box is finished, we open another, so stay and open
your tickets in the hall and enjoy yourself or
take them home.
Bulls Eye $500
Letter X 300
Crazy Kite $300
Single Bingo $250
Double Bingo $300
B & O $350
Single Bingo $250
2 Lines hard way* $1,000
*SW plus pick on Jackpot board for extra $1,000 (4 picks left)
Single Postage Stamp $300

Double Postage Stamp $300
Cross Fire $500
Quickie Coverall $500
Single Bingo $250
Any 2 Horizonal $300
Crazy “L” $300
Outside Round Robin $400
Coverall $2,000 
Magic numbers #1  $50   #2  $50   #3  $50
Call our hotline with any questions 412 523-2220

Click tabs below to learn more. 

2700 Morange Road

Pittsburgh  PA  15205

​Please use lower parking lot. Enter the school at the basketball court.

Bingo Hot Line  412 523-2220

Bingo At Bishop Canevin

Mask are no longer required but still recommended.

The small print.

Information here is as accurate as possible.  Errors will be fixed as soon as noticed.  Bingo or volunteers  are not responsible for any inconvenience due to errors.

Text bcbingo to 313313 to be put on our weekly text list.

​New Years Eve Bingo in person is ON!!!!!!!!!

Copyright © Bingo at Bishop Canevin High School. All rights reserved.

Deal or No Deal is back Saturday and Sunday

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Birthday discounts start this Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  $5 off each week for every week of your birth month.  Players must show their State issued drivers license or photo ID.  For Monday ZOOM player must be present at time package is purchased.

There are book clubs, knitting clubs, bowling clubs etc. that meet once a week. Did you ever consider joining or starting a Bingo Club? Our Monday night ZOOM bingo is simply perfect.  One person can purchase cards for everyone, or all can purchase their own. Then meet in one location and have a ball every Monday night. Our Monday Zoom bingo will continue after we open in-person bingo Saturday July 10 and Sunday11.


Saturday  Sunday  Monday
is transformed due to Covid 19

Saturday in person, doors open at 5:30 and bingo starts at 7PM.

Sunday in person bingo doors open at 4:30 with bingo at 6PM

Monday bingo on Zoom.

Tickets on sale Saturday for (Monday) Zoom

First Two  Win

Try Your Luck

Downline Derby with $500 longshot

Side Saddles $599, $500 and $500

Cherries 500 for $500

Wild Fire for 200 tickets

Rapid Fire for 100 tickets

Zoom ​

Tickets called 9/20/21

Line #10

Balls B10  I25   N40   G55   O70

Donkey Derby 2010002

    Donkey 10  $599

    Donkey 15  $300

    Donkey  8  $200


Double $500  Purple 5P96397

    Horse 10  $500

    Ball  B10  $500

First Two Win  Blue  7H28729 

    10 with 15 for $500

5 Shot  7213351

RapidFire  7C45254  Red  900

Tickets called 9/19/21

WildFire  7H17493  Gold  500

Tickets called 9/18/21

Diva Diamonds   7K12540  1000 for $500

Bet or Burrow  7G89012 Orange  1113 for $500

​WildFire  6U19654  Purple  400

RapidFire  7C45258  Lime  300

RapidFire  6U36605  Green  100

​​​​​Upcoming Events​​​​​​

Saturday bingo 9/25/21

  Doors 5:30

  Bingo starts at 6:50 with before bingo


Sunday bingo 9/26/21
  Doors 4:30
  Bingo starts at 5:50 with before bingo

Monday ZOOM bingo 9/27/21​ ​​
$8,000 payout
Sales will be
Saturday 3:30 to 6  and after bingo

  3 free games for $25 in instants at

Sunday  2:30 to 5  and after bingo

  3 free games for $25 in instants at
​Monday 5:00 to 6:30 Bingo at 7pm